In the world of open-source data visualization tools there are several offerings.

One of those that gathered a lot of interest here at Link Redglue is Apache Superset.

The project began in an internal Airbnb hackathon in 2015 and joined Apache in 2016 as an incubation project. Since then, it has had big development and also great acceptance by the community.

The release of version 1.0.0 on January 21 (taking advantage of the fact that was the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century) is an important milestone.

According to the main contributors, much of the technical and design debt was cleaned up and all the interaction with the user was improved. A lot of work was also made on modularity, extensibility and integration, with the formalization of a REST API.

A complete rebuild of the import and export functionality and a total redesign of SQL Lab toolbars, dashboards and date-range picker scans were made.

Metric value alerts and email reporting were also highlighted among a lot of new features.

The increasingly important security was also not neglected and had a big development in the simplification of the whole model, with a simpler management of permissions.

Combined with all this, the fact that it was elevated to Top-Level status is also of great importance.

Licensing improvements, alignment with the Apache Project Maturity Model, increased cadence of stable releases, and an expected increase in community activity will make Superset a stronger solution.

According to the project leaders, Superset is now a solid, mature offering that meets the current needs of data visualization teams.

It is important to note that Apache Superset has been used internally by Link-Redglue development teams for some time and has already been used in several projects, including a reference client in the public transportation area.


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