Cutting edge machine learning technology to discover and document sensitive data in your organization


Data Sense is a cognitive app that uses machine learning and NLP to discovery, catalog, identify, relate sensitive data (GDPR/PII) or other type of sensitive data.

App main features:

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Uses Natural Language Processing (ARE, NER) techniques for discovery, classification an relation between data.

Portuguese focused

Portuguese focused machine learning models.

Major databases support

Supports all major databases for data search.

Unstructured data support

Supports all unstructured data (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, CSVs, etc) for data search

Visual and Graph analysis

Visual and Graph analysis of data discovery and classification.

Slick UX

Modern and slick modern UX.

API integration

Integration with other components using APIs


Open source components.

From utilities to banking

Deployed in production in several customers from utilities to banking.

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