BTBL is a cognitive app that uses machine learning and other techniques to get Bank transaction brand name, brand logo and geo-location designed for Banking sector

Building Blocks

Uses machine learning and string manipulation engine techniques for identify transaction brands

How It Works

It allows the use of Google Maps API or Azure Maps to identify the location

It has more that 500 logos curated for Portuguese market

Portal with modern UI/UX for editing and curated logo data

Streaming or Batch support for Transaction Analysis

Integration is done via REST APIs or modules.


Custom engine for data and information extraction from transactions, provided by an API or custom code

Brand and Merchand Geo

Geo localization engine based on Google or Azure Maps.

Brand Logo Discovery

Brand Matching engine with 500 brand names and logos.

Web Portal

Adds new logos to Brand list database.
Adds new brands to Brand list database.
Modifies logos and brands to improve matching.

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