Data Accelerators


Data Accelerators are pieces of software that are prior to the Data Cognitive App or a Product in this lifecycle.


YABA is a datawarehouse workload analyzer for RDBMS, for those who want to move the workloads for Databricks. Currently only Oracle to Databricks is supported.

How it works


Yaba is opensource software. Tested and already deploy in complex production environments.

Analyze your RDBMS Data Warehouse

Direct connect to your Oracle Data Warehouse and get your workload analyzed.

Get Apache Spark or Databricks recommendations

Get some recommendations to help you RDBMS to Spark Migration.

Oracle Live Connection

Supports live connection to Oracle Databases (from 11gR1 to 18c).

Difficulty Score

Based on workload analysis, a migration score is calculated.

Delta Lake and Spark

Recommendations include the use of Delta Lake and Spark features.

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