Find sensitive data with Machine Learning

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Built on open source technologies

Rediscovery is free and opensource, built on top of opensource technologies like OpenNLP.

Tested and already deploy in complex production environments. * Dashboards are not opensource

Scan all your datasources

Find all sensitive data inside documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text)  and databases (Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, etc)

Machine Learning using Natural Language Processing

Named-Entity recognition (NER), Dictionary Based Search and other Natural Language Processing techniques are used

GDPR Data Discovery

It was developed with GDPR in mind, so you can know what data is Personal Information and sensitive.

version 3.0 – new features

Version 3.0 brings the expected dashboards, configuration based on UI, database backend, multiple repositories and stability improvements on machine learning models. Also support for Microsoft Azure backend.

*version 3.0 requires a MySQL database as backend*

Column Discovery

Rediscovery will provide analysis on sensitive column.

Data Discovery

Data Discovery will scan inside your databases data and provide analytic dashboards and raw results

File Discovery

All your documents sensitive data results in a intuitive dashboard