Data Security

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How it works

Old term, new challenges. Data Security is challenging.

With all the challenges and regulations and modern and complex new data architectures, we face a firm problem. How keep our data secured under the strict regulations like GDPR and expectations?

Our approach is based on three pilars:

Manage access to sensitive information

Identify and classify your sensitive data. Managing who has access to your data is key.Our Data Cognitive app, Datasense (COLOCAR LINK PARA A DGA) can help on identifying, classifying and relate sensitive data under GDPR.

Protect Data at Rest and In Motion

Unsure that your modern data architecture or your database is prepared for the security of data in motion that is moving from one pipeline to another or that the data that sits on the datalake or database is fully protected.

Use Data Security Tools

You can have all security Powerpoints in the world, but the data is under a technological asset, so keep in mind that Data Security tools are the best option to keep your data at rest and in motion safe.

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