Data Ops

Tech companies that manage and distribute data solutions along with our technologies

How it works

DataOps seeks to reduce the end-to-end cycle time of data analytics, from the origin of ideas to the literal creation of charts, graphs and models that create value.​

It is inspired on DevOps and concepts like continuous integration, delivery, and operations are now being applied to the process of productionizing data (engineer, science, etc)​



DataOps Blueprint

If you would like to know more about DataOps please download our blueprint.

Our strategy on Data Ops relies on five principles:

Minimal Disruption

Minimize disruption to data producers in how they deliver their data


Focus on 80% of use cases that ca be satisfied with configurable components

Tool Decoupling

Today’s tool may not be the right tool tomorrow

Data Residency

Users should access the data where it leaves

Right Tool for The Right Job

Process drive tooling; not the other way around

Technology Partners

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