Data Architecture

Interactive visual representations of abstract data to enhance human cognition

How it works

The most complex expertise built around data is Data Architecture. It is complex because every organization that manufactures data for decision making is different. More, the new technologies and techniques emerged promised to transform the way organizations compete and serve customers.


Like a conventional architect that designs homes or buildings, our data architects create a blueprint of a data environment that aligns with the short- and long-term goals of an organization and its unique cultural and contextual requirements.

Most principles applied here are well known, but not very well understood. Here are some:

Customer Centric

Not focus on the data or technology. Focus on business users and their requirements


Prepared it for the use of complex machine learning scenarios or future will be harder.


Manage the flows and data pipelines that they can be reused, repurposed and replenished to ensure high quality data to business.

Simple and Resilient

The simplest architecture is the best one. Layers of layers of technology can cause data architecture price of maintenance and reliability to go up faster.

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